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Rainbow Bio

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“Monica V. Womack’s breakout picture book, Miss Rainbow, is whimsical tale about an eccentric rainbow who leaves her home in the clouds to hang out with a few neighborhood kids and play rainbow games, while expressing the beauty of diversity and inclusion.”


Monica lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, a master mechanic, disguised as an IT professional.


Before Monica started writing Miss Rainbow, she served her country as a public affairs officer on active duty in support of the United States Army Reserve. Six months before her retirement, she launched Blue Violet Productions, LLC, a film production company specializing in documentary media. Together with her talented team of creatives, they produce documentaries that entertain, inspire and enlighten in Chicago, New York and the National Capitol Region.


A former stringer for the Suburban Journal (a subsidiary of the St. Louis Post Dispatch), Monica has published many articles including an exclusive with former American Astronaut, Sally Ride.

After revising her thesis, a record number of times, Monica graduated from the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in 2002. She now writes and films full-time. When she is not writing or filming, she’s thinking about writing and filming.

- Monica V. Womack, Author 
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