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My Mom has lived in Chicago her entire life. She’s witnessed life, death, construction and destruction. She has endured what many of us lack the mental capacity to endure. My Mom is the epitome of perseverance. It was my Mom’s perseverance that helped her purchase a new home in the well established community of Rosemoor during the 1980s.

Since that time, the landscape of the community has changed dramatically. Vehicles have been stolen, drugs have been sold, men have been robbed and teenagers have been killed. Through all that, my Mom’s block remained undisturbed…until last week.

Over the past week my Mom was informed that there were a total of three break-ins on her block. While obviously disturbed by this news, she continued on with her daily routine. Sadly, last night my Mom’s home became house number four.

While we are all troubled by yesterday’s events, we are also all very grateful that our mother wasn’t home during the break-in and that she wasn’t harmed. God’s grace still abounds, even in Chicago.

My mother has fond memories of the city and shares even warmer memories of her home. She doesn’t want to let go. Her reluctance to relocate and leave the city presents a real challenge. So, I ask, how do you encourage or persuade a competent parent who’s seemingly enjoying their golden years in the city, to move? What can we do to convince our mother to let Chicago go?

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