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Choose Isolation

Things are different. People are sick and people are dying. Those of us who thankfully do not fit into the other two categories, are isolated. Sometimes you may even wonder which category is worse. I can answer that. I can’t hold our youngest grandchild but, she’s healthy and I get to video chat with her a few times a week which I could not do, if either of us fell into the other two categories. Our Xfinity prevents me from watching HGTV at any given time however, I am still enjoying the luxury of watching television in the privacy of our own home. We now have clover mites crawling above our headboard and my own paranoia has convinced me that they’re also living within my Sisterlocks still, I am living too. We’re out of eggs but, we are not out of time. I guess what I’m saying is that yes, we are inconvenienced. Thanks be to God, we are healthy and we are still here. Choose isolation my friends.

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