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Don’t Force It

During our Sunday visit to the local Harris Teeter I was reminded of an important lesson that I learned as a child.  After  scanning the isles for breakfast biscuits, we headed to the checkout.  There was one customer in front of us patiently waiting as the cashier repeatedly slammed the register drawer in an attempt to close it, to complete the transaction.  I counted eight slams before the manager arrived and punched two buttons allowing the drawer to close.  I remembered my mother’s words, “if it doesn’t fit, then don’t force it.”  Often times we attempt to force situations in life that just weren’t meant to be.  We try to force commitments, decisions and progress.  We want a commitment from a love interest so, we try to trap them and subdue them with commitment cuffs.  We want our bosses to make decisions in our favor so, we provide them with the information that we want them to consider, cleverly omitting unfavorable details.  We want to achieve success before everybody else so, we take on more than we’re capable of managing, neglecting our health in the process.  Before you realize it, you’re slamming yourself into a virtual wall and God has to hit your reset button.  The next time that you attempt to force a commitment, decision or progress, remember…help is just a push button away.  Relax and allow God to reset you.

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