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Let it Go

Resistance requires effort.  Letting go requires faith.  The season continues to challenge us.  We are challenged at home and at work.  We are challenged by our co-workers, our family members and at times, we are even challenged by our own thoughts.  When we are challenged we have a natural inclination to either resist or retaliate.  This past week gave me the opportunity to explore another option, “let it go.”  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  When I made the professional decision to comply, I was able to let go of the stress and anxiety that I had previously experienced when I resisted.  When I decided that it was more important to be pampered than to be right, I had a wonderful weekend.  When I let go of the negative thoughts and focused on that which is pure, lovely, and of good report, I was able to experience a peaceful nights rest.  Just let it go.  Know that love will always prevail, good will triumph over evil, and the righteous will never be forsaken.  There may come a time when you must respond to the challenge.  Maturity lies in being able to determine whether or not that time is now.  Today, exhale…and let it go.  

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