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Maybe They’re Taking Notes

Today we were late.  Not only were we missing a luggage from yesterday’s flight, we also forgot to set our clocks forward one hour.  We arrived at church just in time to hear the last praise and worship song.  I tried to enjoy the song but, found myself to be somewhat distracted and somewhat hungry as well.  I realized that I was just a bit irritated.  As we prepared to receive the sermon, I noticed that my daughter had taken out her cell phone.  I begin to speak silently to my spirit…”calm down.  Just be grateful that she’s here with you.”  As the pastor continued his lesson, I noticed that my daughter appeared to be texting.  Again, I spoke silently to my spirit…”don’t get annoyed with her, she’s in college.  All college students are addicted to texting.  She needs therapy not a lecture.”  I could no longer fake it.  I was completed annoyed.  Just as I leaned over to whisper a few motivational words in her ear, I noticed that she was taking notes.  My daughter was actually using her smartphone to get smarter by taking notes on today’s sermon.  I felt convicted.  Too often we judge young adults based on our own perceptions and past experiences.  Today I learned that maybe, just maybe they’re taking notes- taking notes on how not to judge others, how to be patient, kind and loving at all times.  So, the next time that you’re in church and you notice a young adult texting, think before you judge.  Maybe they’re just taking notes. 

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