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My Pretty Pony

The things that you dream of and imagine, can come true. I’ve always wanted a sportscar but, I either didn’t have the resources or, I didn’t have a good reason to purchase one. In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and in the presence of economic hardship on every avenue, we pooled our resources for the purchase. Next, we focused on the reason. Robert asked, “why?” I responded, “I’m 51 years old and I’ve worked more than half of my life. I’ve never owned a sportscar and I’ve always wanted one. If not now, when?” I could hear him mumbling something. “Besides, you’ve owned several,” I added.

A few days later, I found myself in a low traffic area. There was a slight breeze whistling about my left ear as I switched gears. My pony wasn’t satisfied in the 4th gear. I quickly shifted to the 5th gear, I could hear the pony galloping harder and louder, I then shifted to the 6th gear, conjuring up the spirit of Jr. Griffin. I could see him in my passenger seat, smiling. He wasn’t there to give me a lecture. He was along for the ride. This was the ride that he missed during the summer of 1994.

The wind was no longer whistling, it was blowing. I could see a Prince William County Sheriff’s car on my right. He started to give chase but, quickly gave up. The pony is wild, it tries to get away from you. It doesn’t want to obey. You must tame it. This was the ride of my life. I wasn’t going to back off. Not yet. I had to make sure that both of us were satisfied with the ride. With a smile and a nod of approval, my passenger was gone. I pulled my pony’s reins back and down shifted to thirty-five miles per hour. My pony still brayed, I pulled harder, letting the pony know that it had to obey. Our ride was over…for now.

In the twinkling of an eye, my life had changed. The itch that I was feeling had been scratched. I didn’t write this to encourage anyone to disrespect authority. I respect the police and sincerely appreciate their service to our society. I certainly didn’t write this to brag. Possessions will never reveal the true measure of a person’s character. I didn’t write this as an expression of love for a sportscar. Cars aren’t meant to be loved; people are. I wrote this to encourage you to pursue that which brings you joy. With so much madness happening around us, God has still allowed us to find a glimmer of light and life in everything within our reach.

Robert called my pretty pony a “mid-life crisis,” to which I responded, “this ain’t no mid-life crisis! This is mid-life momentum. Giddy-up!”

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