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Not So Happy New Year

We’re three weeks into the new year and things aren’t going exactly as planned.  Our blood pressure is up, self-esteem down, eating more sugar, earning less money, watching movies instead of our cholesterol, and saying “whatever” instead of “I love you.” For the most part, 2014 has been a not so happy new year.  Well, happiness is all about perspective.  Your blood pressure may be up but, there’s still time to eliminate stress from your life.  Your self-esteem may be at an all time low but, take a moment to look into the mirror and pay tribute to God’s greatest creation.  You may have consumed more sugar this week, but tomorrow presents another opportunity to eat trail mix.  You may be earning less but, at least you’re working.  You may have ignored your cholesterol levels but, tomorrow presents another opportunity to focus on a healthier diet.  You may have responded to your significant other with the standard “whatever,” but, you’re still here.  At this very moment, you can say “I love you.”  Again, you are still with us.  It is indeed a Happy New Year.

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