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Second Best

I put in the extra hours.  I worked on projects that were beyond my scope of responsibility, and in some instances, beyond my expertise.  I believed in the mission and I believed in my ability to complete it.   Yet, despite my efforts and my accomplishments, my report card reads “second best.”  Being categorized as second best can cause you to second guess.  Should I have done things differently?  Maybe I was too passive.  Why am I here?  I think that you get the picture.  Know this.  You may never receive the recognition or reward that you are due from man.  As my Mom so eloquently put it, “when you want to feel appreciated, just call home.”  She was right in part.  This week I had to call home but, I didn’t place a call to Chicago.  I called on God.  God knows our value, he acknowledges our talent and rewards us accordingly.  God reassured me that I am not “second best.” I am the very best.  There’s someone reading this that didn’t receive the rating, the raise, or maybe the reward that they so deserved, and I am writing to encourage you to call home.  There’s someone waiting to hear your voice, waiting to reaffirm to you, that you are not second best.  You are the very best.

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