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Sunday Everyday

What if everyday was Sunday?  What if we got up every morning and made a big breakfast, ate it, got all dressed up and went to church everyday?  What if we worshipped, praised and prayed to God everyday?  Well, everyday isn’t Sunday.  Monday morning trouble still awaits you at the office.  Your teenager will still stay out too late on Fridays and your significant other will spend too much money on Saturdays.  While every day isn’t Sunday, we can still fervently pray each and every day.  We can study God’s word on Tuesdays.  “Hump Day” can have an entirely new meaning.  We can sing God’s praises on Thursdays.  We can visit the alter on Fridays and we can give an offering on Saturdays.  God wants to commune with us each and every day, not just Sundays.  Choose to make Sunday every day.

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