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The Resistance

I learned about the Resistance through the Pink Pangea’s Writer’s Retreat. One of the group leaders recommended that I read a book titled the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield describes the Resistance in great detail. I will not attempt to provide you with cliff notes. I will only tell you that the Resistance is real, and I will offer a few examples to prove it. I established a writing schedule that I have not followed. I have attempted to follow the schedule however, the Resistance has been harassing me. I sit down to write and the phone rings; it’s the VA confirming my appointment for the 12th time. I lose my train of thought. I sit down to write again; one of our children sends a text which requires my immediate attention. Again, I lose my train of thought. I regain it. I sit down to write again and Fedex rings my doorbell. Do you see where I am going with this? As writers, we must continue to fight the Resistance. The Resistance doesn’t want us to publish anything. I am writing this post to encourage my fellow writers. Don’t give up! We can win. We will win. Keep fighting the Resistance. Please excuse me, I have a text to respond to.

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