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The Unanticipated

As officers we are taught to plan.  Review the plan.  Evaluate the plan and then rehearse the plan.  Plan, plan, plan!  Every now and then this thing called “life” presents you with something called the “unexpected, or as some prefer, the “unanticipated.” The unanticipated can be described as very uncomfortable.  Despite being uncomfortable, as a leader, you will be expected to make decisions that initially, may offer you little comfort.  When faced with the unanticipated, you may have to exhibit a measure of faith and rely on the counsel of a few good men and women that are most familiar with the plan.  These are the folks that can advise you, assist you, and even protect you when you’re confronted by the unexpected or unanticipated.  While we all would love the luxury of another year, another month or another week to plan, there will be times when it just isn’t feasible.  Today is calling and it requires a decision.  Tomorrow may offer you time to rejoice or regret.

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