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Three Young Men

I’m no agent. I’m not an artist however, I am a creative and as such, I can recognize natural talent; the kind of talent that could have only been distributed by God himself. I have noticed that type of talent in three young men who are near and dear to my heart. All three of them write, rap and produce. Yet, their talents have gone unnoticed. They are not agented, contracted or discovered. Still, they are brilliant at what they do. Style, originality, and personality does not elude them…stardom does. They have become frustrated working ordinary jobs just to survive; while their dreams of performing at their own concerts slowly die within them. They are tired of being told that, “You’ve gotta know someone to make it in this industry.” My heart’s desire is to help these three young men by showcasing their sound and profiles on social media platforms and I ask that you do the same. Maybe we can elevate their voices so that their music can be heard around the world. Today is an opportunity for their music to break through the barriers. Today is a day that we can collectively say to Boobie Holiday in Richmond, Joey Ali in Normal and Rey Styles in Omaha, “Don’t give up!” In the famous words of Willy Wonker, “You are the music makers and the dreamers of the dreams.” 

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