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Today I am a Servant

My imagination has never failed me.  Growing up I imagined that I would one day grace the Kodak Theater with my presence as I accepted my Oscar for best performance by a female actress in a leading role.  I imagined that I was a ninja, leaping from building to building, never once dropping my sword.  I imagined that I was a waitress at Mel’s diner, working with Flo and eating greasy french fries on my break.  My imagination has no borders.  My life, has several.  As most of you now realize, we seldom become the things in which we imagined as children, which is probably a good thing.  Can you imagine me running around with a sword today?  Today my imagination takes me to another place, a place of peace, a place where I am helping others; and by helping them, they are helping me.  There are no uniforms or regulations, just our hearts guiding us, directing us to those in need.  I now imagine that I am a servant.  I thank God for the opportunity to use yesterday’s imagination to help those in need today.

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