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Promise Keepers

Parenting isn’t easy.  If you are actively parenting, expect long days, short periods of rest and lots of unexpected expenses.  You will lose yourself for a few years while ensuring that your child finds them self.  You will be their provider, protector, and punisher.  However, you may likely be most endeared for being the promise keeper.  I can’t remember where I put my car keys but, I can remember every promise that was ever made to me- promises kept and promises broken.  It was the broken promises that inspired me to be the best promise keeper that life has to offer.  One day, I promised a 7th grader that if she ever became a teacher, I would come to wherever she was and help decorate her classroom.  Twelve years later, that 12 year-old, now masquerading as a 24 year-old, asked me, “Are you still going to help me decorate my classroom?”  Children will remember the promises you make and the promises you break.  For the sake of humanity, be a good provider, be the most courageous protector, punish when necessary, and be a Promise Keeper.  I don’t know if I was the best parent (the verdict is still out on that one).  What I do know is this, in a few weeks I will be in Champaign, Illinois decorating a 6th grade classroom.

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